Automatic misting system

Flybusters uses a systematic and automatic misting system, that brings the natural mixture in the stables on set times. The misting system consists of a drum filled with the mixture diluted in water, a timer with a pump and easy to install tubing with precise working nozzles. Flybusters is the only one in Europe with a registration for this appliance!

Animal- and environmental friendly product

Flybusters uses a plant extract as base fort he effective fly pesticide. The mixture is completely harmless to humans and (warm-blooded) animals, but very effective against flies. Because natural pyrethrum degrades within 2 hours under influance of UV-light, no residues will be found. This has as a positive effect, because flies won’t be able to build up resistance against the mixture. The working ingredients are natural pyrethrins, which are extracted from Chrysantemum.

Chrysantemum is a perennial plant with white-yellow flowers. The plant is grown on a hight between 1.200 and 3.000 meters.

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Flybusters offers a extensive service for the installation and service on the Flybusters system. Before the fly season starts, Flybusters will make your installation ready for use and when necessary replace parts. When the fly season ends, Flybusters will come and make the system ready for winter.

Flybusters is always available for you with technical support and answers to your questions. Wenn needed, the Flybusters mechanic comes by to fill your system or insert different settings to the timer during the season.


Flybusters is the only system in the European Community which is assessed according to the new European Biocide Regulations and is registered in the Netherlands with the CTGB under number 14332N and in Belgium at FOD, Directorate-General Living Environment, under number 6013B.