Prevent diseases and stress among the animals

Automatic and systematic system

No more insects!

The automatic spraying system

Flybusters uses a systematic and automatic misting system. The misting system consists of a drum filled with the mixture diluted in water, a timer with a pump and easy to install tubing with precise working nozzles. Flybusters is the only one in Europe with a registration for this appliance!

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Flybusters partner van de FNRS

The FNRS (Federation of Dutch Equestrian Sports Centers) is the trade association for professional equestrian entrepreneurs. Flybusters has been a proud partner of the FNRS since 2019 and offers its members collective discounts. Curious how they work and what it yields for you? Take a look at the FNRS website!

Ctgb registration

Flybusters is the only system in the European Community which is assessed according to the new European Biocide Regulations and is registered in the Netherlands with the CTGB under number 14332N and in Belgium at FOD, Directorate-General Living Environment, under number 6013B.