“Less insects means more revenue” is a sentence you hear a lot in mink farming. Insects cause stress to the animals and this shows in the fur being of less quality. Flybusters is proud to let you know they’ve received an approval from CTGB for the use of Flybusters insecticide in mink farming.

Flybusters gets recommending reviews from users in the professional horse business. For example Ankie van Grunsven, Jeroen Dubbeldam and Erik van Vleuten are using Flybusters for years now. Below you can read an interview with a mink farmer who has been using Flybusters recently.

Highly recommended for my colleagues
“Definately a recommendation for my colleagues’’ the breeder says, who uses Flybusters on his mink farm since June 2006. The entrepreneur with decades of experience tells us the mink manure is like honey to flies. In all his years as a mink farmer, he says to have spent a fortune on insecticides. “We did everything we could think of to get rid of the flies. When we ran out of possibilities, we were close to panic. Fortunately Flybusters provided us with a solution.”

Modern mink farm
The mink farm (also agricultural holding with potatoes, beet and wheat) produces around 44.000 mink pups every year. The barns contain 7.200 mother animals, which are provided with male animals during the breeding season. Every male can impregnate 6 females. In the period from the end of April until the end of May the mink pups are born. At the maximum of the production this farm holds 54.000 animals in the barns. In the past few years the company has built 5 new barns, each 160 meters long and 10 meter wide. Next to the new barns, the intention is to replace the old barns for new and modern barns. Eventually he wants to have 10 barns, in which each mother animal has an own cage.

When the need is at its greatest 
Through an advertisement in a professional journal Flybusters came to his eye. The flies seemed to be winning the battle on his mink farm and the usage of other insecticides was near to impossible to keep up with. “Looking back, the flies on our farm where a large cause of frustration and stress for humans and animals. Mink become restless because of the flies and for the employees it was very annoying to constantly wave away the flies. On top of that there where fly droppings everywhere and there was a large risk of diseases being spread by the flies.”

Automatic, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day 
“I let Flybusters install the automatic misting system in our barns. Flybusters takes care the installation is regularly checked and filled with the liquid natural insecticide. The result of Flybusters is truly amazing”, as the mink farmer tells about his experiences. “Our company is near to fly-free. You really have to search hard to find a fly! Controlling the system is real easy and it works for itself. It doesn’t cost any effort at all. When I can spread the investment in the system over several years, I am satisfied about the quality I get for the price. As I said: I highly recommend Flybusters.”