Digestar Probiotic Pack assures a healthy digestion and a better intake of the nutrients. The animals take more energy out of the feed. Your horse will need less grain and will stay in better shape. This due a better yeast culture that improves intake and digestion of forage resulting in improved feed efficiency. Colic will be a problem of the past! Especially for daily feeding.

Use of Horse Probiotic Pack
· improves digestion
· improves health and development
· improves performance
· faster recover after activity
· improves hoof quality and hair coat
· reduces colic

Analytical constituents: crude protein (16,0%), crude ash (7,0%), crude fiber (5,0%), crude fat: (3,0%), phosphorus: (3,0%), calcium: (1,0%) magnesium: (1,0%), sodium (0,1%)

Zootechnical Additives (per g): Saccharomyces cerevisiae (E 1711) (CNCM I.1077) 660 CFU/g

Trace elements (per kg): zinc (1000 mgr), manganese: (400 mgr), copper (200 mgr), Organic selenium(330 mgr).

Composition: Corn meal, Corn gluten, Sugarcane Molasses, Malted barley, Inactive yeasts.

Directions of use
Horses/foals: 30gr per day adding to the ration.

Packaging: 4 kg pail

Storage: Keep cool and dry, out of reach of children and away from sunlight.

Best used: before one year after the production date mentioned on the packaging.

Price: € 69, – (excl. VAT)