Digestar Equine Gel provides the needed, beneficial bacteria for intestinal stabilization and proper digestion for horses. Helps “crowd out” harmful intestinal organisms. Specialised proteins from egg powder provide protection in the digestive tract. Ascogen a unique concentrated yeast is added for the support of the nucleotide metabolism for optimizing the stomach and intestinal flora that provides the structure of the resistance function, for a better digestive tract there are natural lactic acid producing bacteria added. Recommended for foals during their first weeks of life and horses with colic and digestive problems. Good for horses after worming and antibiotic treatments and helps horses in heavy training and prior to, or after transportation.

Use of Equine Gel
· improves digestion
· improves health and development
· improves performance
· faster recover after activity
· improves hoof quality and hair coat
· reduces colic

Analytical constituents: crude protein: (12%), crude ash: (2%), crude fiber (3%), crude fat (74%), phosphorus (0,4%), calcium (0,2%), sodium: 0.2%

Zootechnical Additives (per g): Live yeast: Enterococcus faecium (E 1708) (NCIMB 11181) 16×10.8 CFU/g

Vitamins (per kg): vitamin C (30 mgr), vitamin E: (20 mgr), Niacin (10 mgr)

Composition: Vegetable oil,Concentrated inactivated yeast, Egg Powder,Aerosil (E 551B)

Directions For Use
Digestar Equine Gel should be placed between the lower teeth and cheek.

New-born and pre-weaned foals: provide 2-4 ml daily as needed.
Weaned foals:Provide 2-5ml daily as needed.
Mature horses — Provide 5-10ml daily as needed.
Miniature horses — Provide 2-5ml daily as needed depending upon size.

35ml/tube, box 10 tubes.

Storage: Keep cool and dry, out of reach of children and away from sunlight.
Best used: before one year after the production date mentioned on the packaging.

Price € 39,- (excl. VAT)