Flybusters interview with Ullrich Kasselmann.
Mr. Kasselmann, your name is in the equestrian world connected to success, power, perfection, elegance and trust. Thanks to your knowledge of and experience with the horse-riding sport and in the direct dealing with horses you are advisor and confidant of many business people and employees throughout the world. Some of the most famous equestrian events carry your name.

Ullrich Kasselmann
“it’s our passion to train horses from the beginning to the highest qualitative standards. In addition, we are in the extraordinary position to
bring the in the best possible way bred horses to market ourselves” Benefits:

We guide our horses from the beginning of their development intensively.
We shape the history of our horses ourselves – positively!
We are able at any time to keep our customer informed about each horse of any age and in training phase, to give information and advice about behavior and handling in all circumstances, as in the case of transport, shipping, or in tournaments.

From the beginning we exercise a positive influence on the health and well-being of our horses. For example, we use no synthetic insecticides in our stables. The insecticide from “Flybusters”, which we use for fly control in our stables, is of a natural origin and which is for people and horses absolutely without any reservation. Only flies are affected by this special insecticide. Flies pollute a stable severely and also spread diseases to the horses. When these unpleasant fellow inhabitants of the stables are no longer present horses are calmer and more balanced. ”

“Flies is a problem at work, for you and your customers.”

Ullrich Kasselmann
“Flybusters is the only system, which is automatically and constantly at work.
Flybusters – the ideal system, to get rid of flies. We tested the system in detail; it works perfectly. “